Kingdom Treasure - VBS 2017

This year's Vacation Bible School will be an adventure set in the Middle Ages when knights learned the art of fighting the good fight.  Kids will learn about the character of God in the context of a Shield, a Refuge, a Savior and a King. 

Classes will include 1st - 2nd grades, 3rd - 4th grades, and 5th - 6th grades. 

Schedule will include dinner, crafts, activity time, a puppet show and lesson time. Every lesson will be introduced by our resident knight Sir Wisdom and his trusty steed faithful.

Day 1: The Lord Our Shield

This lesson will discuss how the Lord serves as a shield about our lives.  Drawn from the concept of the knight's shield, it shows how God guards our lives in many ways.

Dinner Menu: Hot dogs and chips, fruit

Day 2: The Lord Our Refuge

This lesson discusses how the Lord is a refuge for His children.  Like the medieval castle, the Lord is a wall about us behind which we can find safety and security.

Dinner: Spaghetti, salad and fruit

Day 3: The lord our savior

This lesson discusses the importance of our relationship with the Lord.  The lesson draws on the medieval concept of chivalry detailed in epic stories of heroes who save the people and the land.  In the same way, God is our Savior by doing what we could not do.

Dinner: Tacos w/beans & rices, Salad

Day 4: The Lord Our king

This lesson takes the character of God to a more personal level.  As King of Kings, the Lord deserves our faithfulness and obedience.  This lesson touches on ways in which we can express through our lives that we acknowledge the Lordship of God over us.

Dinner: Pizza, Salad and Fruit