Weekly Sunday School Lesson

This page contains the links for the weekly Sunday School Lesson.  Each week will have two links. The first link will be the personal bible study for the head of each household to prepare for the weeks coming lesson.  The second link will be the study outline for your family lesson.  Download both documents.  Use the personal study to prepare yourself to teach and disciple your family.  The material provided here is designed to stimulate your thinking in reflection to the weekly lesson.  You will get from only what you are willing to put into it.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss any portion feel free to contact me at thomas@chsiholmbaptistchurch.org.

Documents are in pdf format and will require adobe reader or microsoft edge to open and download.  Click the picture to open the document for download.

  • Week 2 Fall 2016:

    I Will Glory In My Redeemer

    personal study

    In this lesson we learn about how God reveals His glory.  In the story of the plagues we learn about the power of God displayed and how men react to God's glory.  More than this we learn about the truth that God ill not share His glory with anyone.

  • Week 2 Fall 2016:

    I will glory in my redeemer

    Sunday School Lesson Outline

    Lesson outline for our Family Sunday School Session.

  • week 3 Fall 2016:

    Jesus Christ: The Lord Our Passover

    Personal Study

    Our current lesson examines the connection between Christ and the Passover. It reminds us the everything we need to know about God's plan of redemption is given to us. There is no guess work.  It also details that disobedience does come with a price that must be paid.  Finally it reflects the fact that in Chriist we are freed from our bonds in this world to live as God instructs us to live.

  • Week 3 Fall 2016:

    Jesus Christ: The Lord Our Passover Sunday School Lesson

    This is the lesson outline for week four.