Our Mission:

to glorify God and enjoy Him forever

The purpose of Chisholm Baptist Church is to successfully strengthen and build the Body, and to know and do the will of God through evangelism, discipleship and service.

We learn to glorify God through His holy Word, the Bible, which teaches us how we may glorify Him and how we are to live our daily lives. As we learn from the Bible, we are to live among the people. Our goal at Chisholm is to help one another grow in our faith and fellowship, to introduce others to Christ, and lead them to do the same. Christ died for us. We must live for Him!

Supported Missions

We also support the building of God's kingdom with prayer and finances through the support of these missionaries, all of whom have personal ties to Chisholm Baptist Church.


David is an amazing man of God doing a great work in the heartland of the early Church. Though the epicenter of Paul's mission journeys and home to so many of the churches found in the New Testament, Ephesus and modern day Turkey are largely unreached with the gospel. David's mission is to encourage others who wish to come for short periods and discover what it would have been like to be Paul and to take the gospel to a nation where there are only as many as 2500 professing Christians. If you believe God would lead you in this venture you may obtain information from his website

If you would like to pray for David and his ministry pray especially that God will send laborers into this much needed field and that the harvest of souls that continue to be reached will reenergize the ancient churches.

Rick & Dovie Moore - Open Air Campaigners

Rick and his wife Dovie are street evangelists with Open Air Campaigners who serve to reach children (and others) in ways that speak to them. From 2007 to 2009 this devoted couple worked day after day on the streets of Boston, Massachusetts sharing the gospel and the word of faith. In October, 2009 God led Rick and Dovie to the state of Texas where they are now working to establish a permanent ministry outreach of Open Air Campaigners right here. Rick and Dovie have assisted our church in training and conducting "Back Yard Bible Studies" and Vacation Bible School within our local communities. It was a tremendous blessing and great success.

If you would like to pray for Rick and Dovie please pray that God will bless the seed that they continue to sow (now here in Texas) and that they will find other laborers to help this great ministry continue to grow. You can find more information on Rick & Dovie at their website.

Victor & Carole Hartsfield - World Team

Victor and Carole are missionaries to the nation of Cambodia. This nation is one of 29 countries around the world which has a Christian population that is less than 1% of the total population. Victor and Carole have lovingly devoted themselves to work together through World Team, a non-denominational mission agency with 350+ members in 28 countries reaching 59 distinct peoples. 

If you would like to pray for the Hartsfields, please pray that God will prepare the way for them both financially and spiritually. Pray that He will open the hearts of the people for the receiving of the gospel, and that He will continually protect them in the work that He is leading them to do.

Works we actively pray for

Noel Espeso - Philippines

Noel is a native Filippino who has followed the call of God to minister to his own countrymen. While we do not actively support him financially we have been actively praying for him for a number of years. Noel pastors Elm Ridge Baptist Church in Sagay City together with his wife Joan. They also participate in a radio ministry that reaches out to many of the islands they could not otherwise witness to. Likewise they operate Bible studies at at least four local elementary schools during the lunch hour, and together with a growing number of pastors have stepped out to share the gospel with a number of military units and elements of the Philippine National Police. Noel is a man with a true love of sharing the gospel and tremendous energy for the gospel's sake.

If you would like to be updated on the work going on in Sagay City and around the Philippines you may contact Noel at espeso_erbcsagay@yahoo.com.

Ron & Marianne Lowery - U.S.

Ron and Marian are currently in a state of transition having returned from New Zealand after a death in the family.  Please pray with us for God's direction for them.